Originally from Uruguay, I came to Scotland to work as a Language Assistant at the University of St Andrews, where I later did a MLitt in Latin American Studies and completed my doctorate with a thesis on contemporary Latin American women’s writing. I was a lecturer in Spanish and Latin American studies at the University of Stirling and have published on Hispanic cinema and gendered identity in Latin American fiction. Since moving to Glasgow in 2013, where I am now based, I became fully engaged in community projects, bringing and translating my academic skills into the voluntary sector. Working as a Trustee for a small charity in Glasgow allowed me to develop upon my academic background and move into the third sector, working at the intersection of community engagement, creativity and languages. Since then I have been working on different community engagement projects with migrant communities in England and Scotland, from designing innovative art projects such as “La Biciteca” to building a cross-sector network with Latin American organisations in Southwark.

In 2022, I joined the University of Glasgow as a Lecturer in Spanish.

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