New Research Project on Community Engagement and Migrant Women in Glasgow

At this very challenging time, I am delighted to share the news that I will be conducting a small pilot research project on community engagement and migrant women in Glasgow with the Open University in Scotland.

The project builds on my previous research in London and community work in Glasgow. More info coming soon!

Is there a Latin American Community in Scotland?

This event developed within the Latinx Collective Scotland, which I am part of, and in the light of the Scotland Census 2022, as an opportunity for our communities to discuss our identities as Latin Americans in Scotland. As we know the census collects information that helps make decisions about how public money will be spent on schools, roads, healthcare and other important services in our local communities.

Ethnic recognition is important to protect minority ethnic groups, help with representation and make sure that they get equal opportunities.

So are we, Latin Americans recognised as an ethnic group?

Research based on the 2011-Census, in particular Cathy McIlwaine’s Towards visibility, states that the Latin American community – is the fastest growing migrant community in the UK -more than ethnic Chinese and not much less than the Polish population in the UK in 2011 (McIlwaine et al).

In 2012, Southwark Council in South London became the first borough to recognise Latin Americans as an ethnic minority, and then Lambeth, Islington, and Hackney. Arts Council England has recognised “Latinx” as an ethnic group. All this has been achieved after a successful campaign carried out by the Latin American Recognition Campaign and the Coalition of Latin Americans in the UK.

But the Latin American communities in Scotland are under-represented, under-researched and remain invisible, despite a rich history of migration that spans almost 5 decades.

This event wanted to open up the conversation, to hear your stories, to exchange ideas, to make the Latin American voices heard.

The Latinx Collective is formed by a group of Latin American migrant women based in Glasgow.

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Is there a Latin American Community in Scotland?

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